It is a social network service that is focused on friends. Established in 2006, Badoo serves the most used countries in 180 countries, mainly in Latin America, Spain, Italy and France. If Badoo is a website, Badoo is a mobile-focused platform. If you are experiencing an active experience with Badoo for this reason, you can start by downloading Badoo on your iOS or Android phone. It can be downloaded from the Badoo Play Store and the App Store.

Create Your Profile:

After downloading Badoo and performing the installation successfully, you need to create your first work profile. Create a profile yourself by logging into the registration tab. To help other Badoo members communicate with you during profile creation, make sure that you upload your profile photo, edit your biography, and fill in the information you seek through Badoo. Once you register, you can log in to your profile, connect to your Facebook profile, and become an approved member on Badoo

Upload Photo and Create Album:

For more people to interact with you on Badoo, you can create photo albums and upload your photos to Badoo. With the help of another option you can publish your Facebook photos directly on Badoo. Badoo allows up to 500 photos. Keep in mind that you can upload your videos to Badoo as well as your photos.

Search people near:

One of the most important reasons why Badoo is a preferred dating application is that it can find and show people close to you. You can start chatting with the people closest to Badoo, taking into account the age and body types you set on this page.


To chat with someone on Badoo, both your Facebook account and your mobile number must be verified on your profile. Once you’ve entered the profile of someone you like, you can take the first step right away by clicking on the chat option. With Badoo’s filter system, you can block users who bother you and prevent you from communicating with them.

See your likes:

You can chat with your loved ones like you see on Badoo. Do not those who like you attract your interest? Then you do not have to chat with anyone. Proport Your Photos. You will never be bored with Badoo’s photo rating system. Badoo takes you to random characters that can take your interest and asks you to vote for that photo. The more people you see and vote, the greater the likelihood that your photos will be voted on.

Be privileged on Badoo:

Badoo is a free web of friendship and friendship, but there are many different packages that separate you from other users. By purchasing these packages and superpowers, you can gain more people’s attractiveness and reach your destination in a short time. Click here to find out about different chat sites.