There are many complaints about the new ban policy of video random chat sites that are not managed by users. Omegle, recently, we received an email from one of our users and are happy to post complaints about the current ban of random video chat sites. We are pleased to announce the voice for future developers of video random chat. You can always communicate with us to hear your voice from any question.

Ban Complaints For Omegle Video Chat

All the sites had and owned the same users and the prohibition of a site was accepted by everyone. Thousands of users have been banned and can no longer use alternative chats because they are no longer available. I decided not to express these messages to my frustration for the new policy of all video chat sites and to many other users. Because of this, many of our users can not use video chat sites like Omegle, Chatroulette and so on.

I think it is to change the error handling conditions and have the site classified as M (mature) by ESRB. It was recommended to change the conditions of use and classify it as A (adult only). I also think that it is not right to create a section that has not been edited on the sites with these changes in order to allow the user to prefer to use an unchanging conversation.

Since I and many other users do not have a voice to express our frustration, I understand that you can hear our voices and know whether other random video chat rooms were born in the same basin in the future. Users who have sites that are prohibited at this time or that such sites decide to create an intact section. Please tell me that I have not witnessed free video chat dying without moderation.