Bigo Live and Periscope Comparison

Beginning with Periscope, live broadcast applications on Facebook, social media giants began. Everyone is now a live broadcast specialist. But we have to talk about it; Periscope’s publishing rates are a simpler and more vibrant form. It has the most live video in terms of quality and more in Periscope. On Facebook, this may be a situation where you are streaming a broadcast on your wall and you can see your friend’s list.

In this regard, it is up to you to communicate with the whole world and determine the quality of your publications. Periscope has turned into a system where your sexuality is front-line, and people, men or women have become a follower of difference. Let’s not forget that live broadcasts in Periscope are recorded. Others are getting videos that you have made live. Shared on different platforms. You must be careful.

Bigo Live offers many innovations to Periscope. Especially in Periscope publications, it’s hard to see the publisher, but with Bigolive, you can get rid of the font screen by sliding your finger to the right. The application also looks great with mobile compatibility, allowing you to perform many functions right, left, up or down with finger gestures.

Bigo Live and Periscope Comparison

The only negative aspect of the practice is that you can only silence individuals who disturb you on the air. There is no permanent obstruction. The same member can go back in a few days.

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Bigo Live lets you get live broadcast guests outside your messaging. You can talk and talk to each other like a Skype application. During this conversation, the messages sent to the publisher will continue to come back to the screen. This feature is not available in the Periscope application. It is even possible to send colored hearts to screen clicks from the Periscope application.

Bigo Live, which entered the market for the first time in March 2016, was the most popular application and has been ranked 1st in the Apple App Store and in Google Play on the Thai market since being introduced to the market. Rules are strict according to Periscope. For example, when you are in the air with drinks and cigarettes, about the time you forbid. Also remember that any complaints made in nudity cause you to be banned.

An increase from Bigo Live’s Periscope is that you can broadcast on a computer and even share your desktop screen while playing a game. In Periscope this is possible via a computer which is illegal third party applications. By purchasing diamonds in the Vip section of the application, you can send various gifts to the users, and you can send animated messages to the broadcast wall to make a difference to standard users.