Let's first look at the history of the chart:

Instagram was developed by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger for IOS (iPhone-iPad) in the first months of 2010. It has just been introduced into the market and spread quickly. It has become a popular photo and video sharing application with quality filters and social networking features. It has turned into a very professional social media account in the latest updates of the application, which is developed every day.

How to Use an Instagram

Instagram is so popular that 40 million photos or videos are shared daily. There are 8600 likes and 1000 comments. These values ​​are increasing day by day. A photo and video sharing application used in Instagram smartphones. If you find this application very appealing, you can get pretty pictures and photos using a variety of filters in a practical way to ordinary photos.

What does Instagram mean:

Before the digital world, the world of technology pushed the “snapshot” camera. The gram of the second part of the name of the diagram comes from Telegram, which is the telegram of our correspondent. Telegraph was also a form of presentation. “Instant Telegram” means instant (photo) when we look at the word. The Insta-gram name was born like this and the Instagram was created.

Let's see how to use Instagram:

Do not worry about how you will use the diagram. When I invited people instagrama from Facebook, I saw people think they would have difficulty getting used to a new social media platform. However, instagram is very easy and simple to use. It’s not as complicated as Facebook. Even an 8-year-old can use it comfortably.

You need to have smartphone priorities to download the diagram. You can not create an Instagram account by creating a username and password from the computer. Smartphones that are starting to take computers are no longer in mode. You should download and subscribe your instrum to your smartphone like Iphone, Samsung, General Mobile. You should start immediately without losing more time.

If you register Instagram for the first time, you need to click “Register” after downloading the application. If they have already registered, and they are logging in for the first time, they need to click “Login”. Those who have already enrolled in the application need to enter the user name and the Instagram page which opens the password. If they are registering for the first time, they can click on the “register” button and easily sign up for a Facebook profile with the “Use Facebook Information” option on the next page.

Instagram-If you are not using Facebook, you should substitute a username and password instead of a username. Turkish characters should not be used in both. You are now ready to use Instagram. When you click on the house icon in the lower left corner, the shares of the people you add to your friends list will be the same as Facebook time stream. The star-shaped button next to the home sign at the bottom will be explored as the 15 popular photos Instagram application has selected for you. The bottom of the Instagram window and the camera button in the center are where the photos will be taken or selected from the photo album and Instragram will be loaded. You can frame photos taken and then apply the filter options listed at the bottom of the screen and share them with your loved ones.

How to use Instagram:

The balloon on the right side of the camera shows the likes and comments of the photos you are publishing. You can also see what your friends like in the same place. The box on the far right is where you will see your profile. Here you can see how many photos you have saved, how many users you have, and how many people you are watching. If you get comments with which social media accounts you can share your photos with, like your photos, or comments with the corner settings button on the right, you can make settings that you do not want to receive push alerts.

No share button. If you want to share your favorite photos at your own account, you need to install the repost applications. The other option would be to take the image of the baby gown and cut and reshape the image. Here you can find your Facebook friends or other friends who are registered with your guide and use the Instagram and add them to the follow up list. Instagram is easy to use, try it now. If you have any problems, share it here

Instagram is a good user, you will see the new arrow icon under the photos in the stream. By clicking on it, you can send a photo or video you like as a private message to the person you want. Up to now you can only share photos stored on your device with Direct Message. But still the instagram share button can only be used for the message, you can not repost. You can click here to read our other articles about the chart