How to use Facebook

How to use Facebook

How to use Facebook

How to use Facebook Some of the features on Facebook that are very easy to use are described in detail below. I do not think there are people who do not have Facebook accounts or who do not know how to use them today. Even a child who does not know how to read or write a child can use Facebook in a very comfortable and practical way.


With this application, users have the opportunity to present their photographs by labeling themselves, their friends and themselves. Due to some privacy issues, Facebook has made some restrictions on showing photos. As of August 2007, the number of photos on Facebook was 31.31 billion. When evaluated together with the number of users, there is a value of 31 photos per person. Photos uploaded to Facebook can be viewed by anyone, but can be edited with the necessary settings and options, such as by the intended users or by the user.


It is an application that was passed by Facebook in February 2007. With this application, users can send gifts made up of various small icons to each other. Designed by Apple designer Susan Kare, gifts made from these icons have hidden or obvious possibilities. If desired, users can also present their gifts in their own profiles. Users have the right to give free gifts after opening their account. After this stage, a $ 1 fee is charged for the gifts.

Poke (Poke):

This application allows a user to speak to another user by dialing. Sometimes I say hello, there are some Facebook applications like X Me and Super Poke that do the same thing. Nudging with these applications can be done with different variations.


With the implementation of the event, users can communicate with their friends and other users can report PSVP to these activities. Organizations such as birthdays, weddings, signature days can be announced very easily with this application.

How to use Facebook

How to use Facebook


With the video application, Facebook users send videos to each other over YouTube and similar sites and send them as video with video cameras and messages with private messages.


The Facebook Platform, since May 24, 2007, has enabled developers to create interactive applications with Facebook. These applications can be easily developed with the Facebook API. Since October 11, 2007 there are more than 5500 applications on Facebook.