Let me briefly briefly on MeetMe and then save the account. You agree to accept your e-mail address, telephone number and other personal information to create commercial E-mails, text messages, SMS and other International Commercial Messages. You must use MeetMe to receive the communications mentioned above and you can not choose not to receive them.

MeetMe and Account Recovery

We reserve the right to make changes at HK Center at any time. It is your responsibility to be aware of these changes. When you open the MeetMe, important changes we will make in HK will give you a Notice. If you are dissatisfied with HK terms and conditions or subsequent amendments or you are not satisfied with MeetMe in any way, your only option is to delete your account. It means that you agree to the changes by continuing to use MeetMe following the HK Notice.

You must be at least 13 years old to install MeetMe. Whether you wish to use the MeetMe or not, you are hoping that you are not convicted of a sexual act in any state agency. MeetMe is free; However, fees and charges may apply for your internet service provider or mobile operator.

MeetMe is a good chat, messenger and dating application for smartphones. If you want to recover your lost MeetMe account, here are some tips. An account has different ways of recovering than depending on the situation. There are people who use Facebook account for registration, but they can not recover the account. There are also some people who transfer their passwords and registered mails to MeetMe. There are also many other situations. We’ll talk about all of the things on this page and we’ll tell you how to recover your MeetMe account.

MeetMe and Account Recovery

Briefly: Password reset. This is for those who are not trying to reset their passwords. You need to know your registered mail for this. Otherwise, you can not reset your password. You will need to do the following to recover your MeetMe account with password reset. Go to MeetMe’s password reset page. Enter your registered email address in the blank field. Click Submit. Go to your inbox and copy the confirmation code. Go to the website’s password reset page once more. Click the “I have a confirmation code” button. First enter your email and enter the confirmation code in the second field. Click “Submit”. You saved your account now.

Register / Login with Facebook Account

If you used your Facebook account for registration and login, you will have a problem saving your account. You will need to use your Facebook account email for this. However, if you use another e-mail address before you save the MeetMe, you will need to use that e-mail account. Otherwise, these steps will not work for you. If you register MeetMe with a Facebook account, you need to do the following to recover your account:

Go to the password reset page of MeetMe that we provided earlier. Enter your Facebook email address. Click on / touch Send. Copy the confirmation code from the post. Go back to the password reset page. Click the “I have a confirmation code” button. First enter your email and enter the confirmation code in the second field. Click “Submit”.