How can we use Twitter, which is one of the most used social platforms in our day, more effectively. Let’s examine it together. Twitter is one of the world’s most comprehensive internet networks, your own ideas, your hobbies and your pleasures, the best way to share your efforts with others. It is an interactive environment where you can follow the share of other users in a very short time. The purpose of this communication is to provide you with the clearest and fastest time share with 140 characters. You do not have to read very long and boring texts. It is written and read as short and concise.

Use of Twitter features:

First of all, make sure your profile page reflects the profile of your profile photo. This will be a great use to introduce you to other people. Choose your account and user name carefully. In your personal information, keep enough information for followers to know you. Make sure you do not use twitter with fake accounts to keep other people safe. Keep track of people and interests you know, keep track of news or brand accounts. Keeping track of them and commenting on their sharing will make it easier for these people to follow you.

Always follow the agenda on Twitter. Follow the important events in Turkey and the world, read the news. Readers can read and follow your message and follow you and share. Try to fit the shortest, clearest, and clearest expressions of 140 characters in the transmission you want to give. Do not make a very long sentence invisible by trimming it out of purpose. Keep in touch with your followers. Twitter is not much different from a landscape in your social life. So, make sure you use words such as “good afternoon” and “good evening” on Twitter entry and exit. Those who follow you will definitely want to do RT and Fav because they think they are addressing them.

Being decent in conversations:

Use Twitter Effectively

They will write comments below. Try to respond instantly to your interactions or messages from you. Do not forget that the person who wrote you is not a machine, but a person. Stay away from conspiracy and egomania as much as possible. Arrogance and ego are among the most important causes of antipyretic findings of other users. You can open every hour of the day. However, if your followers have an intense clock, you should choose that clock. You’ll get more RT (Reetweet) to help you reach more people. Make sure you have at least 1-2 tweet each day. Do not forget you are an active twitter user with a regular twit.

Increase your tracker count:

Do not add pre-existing accounts and wait for them to track back to increase your viewers. Since the number of followers is high, go for high-quality followers who get intense interaction. If you start with a negative idea of ​​being a “phenomenon”, the world of excitement feels so easily. Interested people can ask questions about popular Yada accounts and make comments under Yada’s shares. This interpretation is an effective way of interacting with them as you and the person see them in the followers. Decorate your Twitleriz different words and phrases. Using the same words for a while will become common after a while. Do not forget to read your home page just to tweet it and to clear your own message. We wait for my site to learn more about different chat and sharing platforms.