Tinychat is a site where you can only find chat rooms and unfortunately it does not have the function of recording video. Since you want to record Tinychat video, a screen recorder is recommended for use. Below are the recommended screen recorders that you can use to record a video. Of course, you can use it if you have a screen recording program that you know about. IOS Market and Aps Store also have several screen recording programs.

Video recording on Tinychat

An online screen recorder does not require installation. However, a Java plug-in is required to use it. In fact, this is not difficult to use. Simply go to the Screen page and click the “Save” button at the top right of the page. Once you have clicked, run the tool on your computer only and start recording later. On the other hand, you will need to open an account using this tool. The reason is that all videos that use this tool will record your registered account.

Moreover, this tool can record audio from system audio and microfondo, but can only record a video with maximum 5 minutes. Therefore, if you record a long conversation using this video, you will have to cut the recordings every 5 minutes. One of the coolest features of the new TinyChat is the push-to-talk button. A typical video and audio chat with multiple users can often be disrupted by a user who does not use headphones. TinyChat now asks users whether they have headphones when they sign in – if they are not, the app will automatically switch to push to talk mode.

Rylstim Screen Recorder:

This Tinychat video recording software is very easy to use. Just download and launch the tool. After that, click the “Start Recording” button in the middle of the vehicle to start recording. On the other hand, the only option you have is to choose which mouse click you want to see on the screen (right, left, or both). In addition, this car can record sound from the system but can not record sound from the microfond.

Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder:

Like the first solution, this tool is a free web based screen recorder and does not require any installation. In addition, this tool does not require any registration that is a bit annoying for users. It can record both the system voice and the microphone and actually produces high quality video. You can also choose which part of the screen you want to record, or you can save the entire screen if you wish. I will briefly explain how to record Tinychat videos.

Go to Apowersoft Free Online Screen Saver page. Click the “Start Registration” button and run the tool on your PC (remember that the Java plugin is required). When the device is ready, select “Audio Input” to choose where to pick up the sound to be used in your video, and “Save” to select which part of the screen to record. Click the “Start” button to start the recording, and then click “Stop” when finished. Watch the video you just recorded by clicking on the “Play” button at the bottom of the widget.

In addition, you can also benefit from Apowersoft Screen Recorder Pro. In addition to having all the features of being online, it also has special features that can be useful to vehicle users. This Pro version has a “Timing Task” feature that allows users to set the date and time of the recording in advance. You can set the start, duration and end time and date of the video recording. The vehicle will then automatically start recording when the time and date are given. What’s more, at the same time, there is also an editing tool that is a great help for developing a video. You can add effects, subtitles, and combine videos using this tool. Apart from that, Apowersoft Screen Recorder Pro consists of a built-in converter that helps you convert the file to different formats so that the video is compatible with other devices.