I go to the Settings screen. We will enter our country information in the section titled ‘Name’ in the section that says ‘Gender’ and ‘Region’ in our sex knowledge. Here, you will have difficulty in finding some parts of Turkey. Come down from the panel on the right side of the other category of countries we have chosen to Turkey and click Done. Turkey has entered the market as soon as WeChat Turkey’s interests than the others guessed that category.

WeChat Profile Settings

The features we will explain in the future sometimes can not be automatically uploaded to our phone. For this reason, we first come to the Settings screen and come to the ‘Plug-ins’ screen and install the plugins which are not installed in the ” Uninstalled ” section (Usually it may not be drift bottles and Look Around)


What is the QR Code for the first time? What does this do? I’ll talk about it and I’ll explain what you can do with QR code under this heading. QR Code is your WeChat bar code. Other users can add you as a friend from WeChat by scanning your QR code with smartphones.

My QR name card:

From the ‘Settings’ screen, select ‘QR Code’. The QR code you see above will be displayed at the bottom. When you click on the (…) button in the upper corner, you are presented with a menu with 3 options.

Share QR Code:

Provides your QR Code to share with your friends on facebook.

Change Style:

QR Code You can select your favorite QR Codec by changing the view.

Save QR Code to Phone:

Provides you to save your QR Code.

You said we were going to add a friend who shares the QR code, did not you?

This time we are touching the Social Screen. After entering the ‘Add Contacts’ menu, we select the ‘QR Code’. We find our friend by scanning the QR code image on the Incoming Screen.


WeChat Profile Settings

The 4-digit confirmation code from the record is only used for the first time when entering WeChat. We need to set a password for our next record.

To determine the WeChat ID display, we confirm by entering the password we specify in the document we touch when we touch ‘Password’ at the bottom of the screen.

After this, we log in to WeChat using my username.

If you have opened your first account via facebook, you can add your phone number by tapping ‘Phone’. This will allow your friends to find you at Wechat.

If you made your first payment with your phone number, you can map your account to facebook.

Now that we have the WeChat ID and password, let’s do our Profile settings now. Let’s define our profile photo, our gender and other features.